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Just because the weather is warming up doesn’t mean your lawn will magically grow lush and green overnight. It’s going to need a helping hand and a green thumb to make sure Mother Nature looks her best this spring, so call the lawn care experts at Turf and Landscape Management and let us do the rest!

Our lawn care and landscaping services are seasonally tailored to meet the needs of your garden in this climate. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all mowing, seeding, and pruning services because you’d more than likely wonder why your lawn was patchy and brown or why your flowerbeds never seemed to fill in during the spring.

Why choose Turf and Landscape Management?

Our lawn fertilization experts specialize in fertilizing a wide range of grass species. Based on our free estimate of your property, we’ll customize a fertilization plan that gives your lawn the right nutrients on the right schedule and ensures lush, green growth. This can include nutrient-rich materials full of naturally occurring phosphorous and nitrogen to feed grass seeds, slow-release fertilizer to keep your lawn growing well past initial sprouting, and environmentally friendly products to stimulate grass growth and keep weeds at bay in a way that’s safe for kids and pets.

Seasonal lawn care tips

The best time to feed grass seeds with natural fertilizer is in early to mid-spring, and again in the fall when the grass stores fertilizer nutrients in its dormant roots until it’s time to sprout once again. During the spring fertilization, it’s also time to aerate your lawn so the warm spring air and extra oxygen can reach the root system. This is a labor-intensive task without the right equipment, so ask our team about Core Aeration and Seeding services to accompany springtime lawn fertilization.

During the summer, it’s all about keeping your lawn neat and tidy. Check our Lawn Care and Maintenance for all you need to know about summer landscaping or the Weed Control page if your lawn is growing, but in all the wrong ways.

When the leaves start to drop in fall, it’s time to fertilize again and keep the lawn free of leaves and other debris so the grass doesn’t wither away permanently.

Start your lawn care routine today

Remember, your lawn needs care even in the colder months, so proper fertilization is a year-round commitment. That includes not just standard fertilization services, but also aeration, mowing, winterization, proactive and reactive weed control, and pest management timed to address every season. Not only can you extend the green life of your lawn with our help and regular management, but you’ll also keep weeds out and ensure year after year of healthy, disease-free grass that’s safe for the whole family to enjoy. Contact our lawn care team today to learn more about what separates a scraggly lawn from a lush green carpet. We’ll help you get there without taking up your time so you can enjoy your property, not dig around in it!

Kick of spring with a fresh green lawn!
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