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Lawn Care for Residents in Anne Arundel County, MD

We Care About the Bay. That is why we always use organically based materials whenever possible. And this makes our environmentally conscience clients very happy. We will put your lawn on a balanced diet through proper management of fertilizer, weed and insects controls. We will inspect your lawn and provide a written analysis of its condition. Then, with your approval, we will start you on a program of timely, seasonal applications which best suit the needs of your lawn. If you ever have any question, we are as close as a phone call. The technician that treats your lawn will answer all of your questions and concerns. We pride ourselves on our outstanding service every step of the way.

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Summer Lawn Care

During the summer months, the Turf and Landscape Management team is here to maintain your lawn with regular mowing/trimming service and ongoing weed control with environmentally friendly products. We’ll perform regular inspections for pests and rodents that may threaten your lawn from underground, and stop bugs from eating away at healthy grass. You can contact us when you think your lawn needs a little care, or set up a routine service so you don’t have to think about scheduling and planning in advance.

If the summer heat or disease takes a toll on your lawn mid-summer, we’ll come to the rescue with core aeration and overseeding to refresh and revitalize your lawn with new sprouts to replace the grass that’s struggling to replenish itself.

To learn more, visit the Pest Management and the Weed Control pages.

Off-season Care

When the summer starts to cool off, it’s time to switch gears and talk to Turf and Landscape Management about winterization for your lawn and entire yard. Our team can rake, repair, reseal, and otherwise tidy your property at home or at work, and in the case of lawns, aerate and seed, as needed. In the fall and spring, we can also recommend a fertilization and weed control schedule that proactively prepares and protects your grass and other landscaping for a healthy and lush next year.

To read more, visit the Fertilization page or the Core Aeration and Overseeding page, and then contact us for a free estimate!

The Importance of Lawn Care

Quality lawn care isn’t only important for the eye but for the greater environment. When you put time into your trees, shrubs, and grass, a big difference is made for you and the people around you. By having a healthy, well-kept lawn, you provide a great outdoor space to spend your days. Having a lush space is important to improving your overall quality of life. By spending time outdoors, you soak up nature’s healthy vitamins and have the opportunity for additional exercise.

Having a healthy lawn with a deep root system also offers benefits like runoff control and water purification. This means that the groundwater is healthier and purer. Grass also works to trap millions of particles, which produces cleaner breathing air for everyone around. By releasing clean oxygen, your grass is an endless source of fresh air to always be enjoyed. Healthy green grass also works to dramatically cool your yard, which makes it easier to keep your home cool during the heat of summer.

Maryland’s Trusted Lawn Care Providers

For 25 years, we’ve been Maryland’s premier lawn care provider. Saving countless lawns across Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas, we’ve developed a reputation for reliability and quality services. With decades of experience and a passion for Mother Nature, the team here at Turf and Landscape Management has what it takes to create a beautiful lawn.

Our commitment to quality service ensures that all of our customers are completely satisfied. Whether it’s keeping the bugs away or chasing brown spots, we guarantee our services will make a dramatic difference. We stop at nothing to ensure that your lawn is in perfect condition and take extra care to keep it that way.

Loyal to Maryland and the counties within, we have a goal to keep the lawns of the state healthy and green. When it comes to lawn care service providers, we are proud to be the best in town. Get your free estimate on our services today by contacting us at (410) 225-7402.

Begin Today!

Nothing adds more beauty to your home than a green and lush lawn. Take advantage of our great seasonal offers to begin your route to a truly stunning lawn. With our experience and environmentally friendly techniques, your lawn will be the talk of the neighborhood in no time.

Whether your lawn is suffering from brown spots, pests, or weeds, you can trust Turf and Landscape Management in Anne Arundel County, MD, to bring new life to your yard. Give your lawn the love it deserves and gets the help of knowledgeable professionals. For more information on our services and a free estimate, contact our landscaping team today!

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