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Mosquitoes are everyone’s worst enemy in the summertime, from kids to adults to pets. Not only are itchy bites annoying, but they also can carry life-threatening diseases like West Nile. This summer, don’t suffer in silence or risk your family’s health; you can take back control of your backyard or business with professional-grade mosquito control solutions from Turf and Landscape Management. Our service is 100% guaranteed to stop mosquitoes in their tracks before they cross into your yard, so call us today for a free estimate anywhere in Anne Arundel County.

How to effectively control mosquitos

Our team takes pride in researching the most effective solutions to stop mosquitos in their tracks without filling your property with toxic chemicals that threaten your kids and pets. If you’ve ever wondered why your home remedies aren’t doing the trick, that might be because there are over 150 mosquito species in the United States alone, and different tactics are more effective on some than others. Surprisingly, male mosquitos are vegetarians and eat only plant matter; it’s the females that seek out your exposed skin.

It’s also important to focus on every stage of a mosquito’s lifecycle; simply swatting at mature mosquitos buzzing around won’t stop the eggs and larvae from quickly replacing the ones you’ve squashed. Our professional estimates include a full examination of the kinds of mosquitos and stages of life we need to tackle in order to put together a mosquito control program that’s specific to your property and therefore much more effective than off-the-shelf solutions, all without being toxic to humans and mammals.

Pest control tips from the National Pesticide Information Center

The National Pesticide Information Center recommends several ways to help contain mosquitoes in between professional visits from our team. Here are some things you can do right now to protect your family:

  • If you have a pond or swimming pool, keep it properly cleaned with moving/cycled water, and minimize the collection of puddles in cups, old tires, and anything else that holds water.
  • Keep grass and shrubs trimmed short to reduce places for flying mosquitoes to land.
  • Keep windows and door screens closed and sealed.
  • Use mosquito netting, especially over infant carriers when outdoors and especially at dusk.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants, or even pesticide-treated clothing, while outdoors, and avoid being outside right at dusk, if possible.
  • Consider using an insect repellent or natural mosquito-repellent candles.

Don’t risk your family’s health

No one likes the itchy, red bites that show up when we wear shorts and t-shirts, but that’s just the beginning of the problems mosquitoes bring to your home or business. These nasty bugs are notorious for carrying diseases with deadly potency. That makes mosquito control a critical public health service, and one our team takes very seriously. We attack mosquitoes at all stages of development—egg, larva, pupa, and adult—to disrupt their lifecycle and habitat as efficiently and proactively as possible.

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