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Professional Weed Control Residents

Weeds be gone! Nothing ruins an expensive and carefully tended lawn or garden like a sudden spread of weeds, which populate and spread like only weeds can. The best way to avoid an outbreak is to get ahead of the weeds proactively in the early spring. Even so, no matter the time of year, Turf and Landscape Management can help you prepare, eliminate, and clear even the toughest weeds.

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Our weed removal technique

Our team can help you not only deal with any weeds you have, but set you up on a long-term weed control plan to eliminate the problem in future years. From careful extractions to proactive sprays, our team can address your yard on a customized level based on your current plant life, killing the weeds while protecting your garden this season and for many summers to come.

How you can fight weeds

When you’re planting and caring for a garden on your own or in between visits from our landscape maintenance team, there are plenty of small ways to improve your chances of a weed-free summer growing season. First, plant lots of the flora you want with dense ground cover to keep shade on the soil and stop weeds from developing. Remember to use mulch that keeps the soil cool and moist, and deprives weeds of the light they need to grow and go to seed amid the flowers. In winter, you can find and kill weeds at the root, but try to let the above-ground plant go undisturbed so as to avoid shaking seeds loose into the soil.

When you start to weed, try to find time to do so after a rain or good watering when the soil is softer. Start by cutting off the flowering head of the weed, like the dandelion flower, to seeds from spreading, and then dig out the root if it’s not too deep. If it all sounds like a lot of work, or your weeds are too stubborn to pull even after a hard rain, it’s definitely time to call Turf and Landscape Management!

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