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Lawn Aeration and Mowing

If your beautiful green lawn has suddenly gone brown before the summer is over, call the lawn care team at Turf and Landscape Management for emergency revival lawn care. We can help you salvage your lawn so you can enjoy it throughout the entire season, and prepare it properly to stay green for the entire summer next year.

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Core aeration

During the summer, low seed fertility and re-sprouting combined with heat-related stress, disease, and compaction hurts the ability of sod and grass lawns to remain naturally thick and fill in sparse areas. The result is a patchy lawn even in the warmest growing months, with bare areas large and small. Core aeration opens up the soil in your lawn to allow for additional midseason seeding. This can help combat lawn diseases and stresses, as well as thicken the lawn with new grass plants ready to take hold in previously bare areas.

Post-seeding lawn care

After our team has aerated and seeded the dying area, make sure to water the newly seeded area daily. It doesn’t need a lot of water, but the areas should be kept moist for at least two weeks to help the seeds take root. Schedule regular maintenance visits from our landscaping team to ensure the grass is growing back healthy and weed-free, keep the lawn mowed and trimmed neatly, and winterize the grass in preparation for the colder months.

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