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Pest Management Team

Pests in the form of bugs or animals are more than just pesky. Keep these problem creatures out of your yard for the safety of your family and property, and protect your outdoor space with help from professional pest control. To keep your whole yard protected, we use EPA Registered products that are safe & effective for mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and ants! Our team can help you spot the signs of destructive critters and make sure they get the eviction notice. Enjoy pest-free living GUARANTEED!

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The real danger
of pests

Sure, ants, squirrels, and other pests are a nuisance, but the real problem is their destructive tendencies that can cost you time and hassle to repair. Over time, they can chew on wood and destroy paint jobs. In your garden, invasive bugs and spiders can eat flowers, fruits, vegetables, and the lawn you work hard to maintain. Why lose a whole season of your landscaping to these animals, forcing you to replant, replace, and repair before next spring? Be proactive about your garden and take steps to protect against an attack with help from Turf and Landscape Management. We can spot signs of pests and recommend measures to take for common bugs and critters in the area, so your yard will bloom uninterrupted all summer long and your property will be safe.

Pests as a safety hazard

They’re not just “pests”: These bugs can present a real safety risk to your family’s health. Mosquitoes are infamous for carrying disease, and bees that sting or cause allergic reactions shouldn’t be around your home. Termites also cause serious unseen damage until the problem is too far advanced and weakens the structural integrity of your entire patio—or even your home. The same is true of other rodents and critters that bite or carry viruses you don’t want anywhere near your family! Call Turf and Landscape Management for a home inspection to see what kinds of threats we can help you eliminate from your home and yard.

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